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The policemen called out to him and he, in response, began to shoot and a confrontation ensued. Alias ​​eguita, the tooth was seriously injured and was transferred to the emergency room at the Luis Razetti hospital in Barcelona, ​​where his death was certified. Troubled family Relatives of the young man went to recognize the body in the morgue of the D I AG N Ó ST I CO. Édgar Lugo was observed two shots (Photo: S. Aponte) HOMICIDE At dawn on 7/18/16, mechanic Alexander José López Aguilar (34 years old) was murdered on Las Charas street during the celebration of Children’s Day. For this homicide, scientific police officers caught a sergeant from the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB) and were looking for Édgar José Lugo Curbata. Barcelonian. Lugo’s couple, with tears in their eyes, pointed out that he had no problems with the law or rem o que t e s. He denied the police version. He related that he was alone in his home when the officers entered and killed him mercilessly. The woman said the boy’s mother was nearby when the incident occurred. However, Commissioner Rivero reported that Lugo Curbata was accused of committing several homicides.

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