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CDW was founded by Michael Krasny in 1984. Today he has approximately 4,000 employees and annual sales in 2004 of almost 5,700 million dollars. CDW is a wholesaler. Buy more than 80,000 products related to computers to companies such as Microsoft, Sony and IBM, and its sales staff, from 2,00 members, sell them to businesses, schools and government agencies. CDW customers could buy directly to original equipment manufacturers, but the reason why they do not are summarized in a company’s motto: When buying a manufacturer, gets the best that this manufacturer has to offer. When buying CDW, you get the best that the industry can offer you. The success of the company comes from four factors. The first is the wide selection of products it offers in order to satisfy the specific needs of each client. The second is the delivery speed; More than 90% of orders embark on the same day they are received (and the goal of the company is 97%). The third is the experience; CDW account managers and technicians are fully trained to quickly provide advice to more than 400,000 customers in the versatile world of high-tech team. But it is the fourth factor that most distinguishes CDW from its competitors, a relationship sales strategy. The simple sales philosophy of CDW is that people will do

Businesses with individuals who please them and they trust. The liking comes from taking the time to meet each client on the individual as a person. Confidence is derived from putting the customer’s welfare in the first place. According to CDW’s marketing director, that means being willing to “do what is necessary to make the client happy.” Implement sales philosophy begins with the selection of correct people for sales posts. Then, the constant training reinforces the characteristics of enthusiasm, empathy and responsiveness identified in the hiring process. In addition, the company insists on the value of personal contact. Instead of giving sales personnel booklets or “canned” presentations, CDW allows them to adapt the content and pace of sales interaction with each client, and until adjusting prices, if conditions require it. Account managers are expected to establish a long-term partnership perspective by focusing on the needs of customers, rather than a quick sale.