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e) Furniture and baby clothes. 6. If you had to prepare a sales presentation of the following products, what information about the potential customer would seek as part of its preparation? a) Condominium of two bedrooms. b) New car. c) Carpet for a new domestic decoration project. 7. What sources would be necessary to get sales applicants in each of the following companies? In each case, explain your decision. a) A Marriott hotel that wants companies to rent it for conventions.

b) IBM, for the sale of component inventory management software in automotive factories. c) CDW 8. Describe a sales post in which each of the following compensation plans would be more effective: a) Single salary. b) Unique Commission. c) Combined plan. 9. How would a company determine if a seller applies pressure tactics that can reduce the satisfaction of a client? 10. How can a sales manager evaluate the performance of your sellers to get new accounts?

Marketing in action 1. Review your activities of the last days and point out those in which: a) he did some personal sale. b) Someone tried to sell him something. Choose a situation of each category in which it creates that the sale was very effective and explain why.

2. Interview three colleagues at your school who had recently had a job interview with companies registered in the workb Stock Exchange. With the personal sales process we analyzed in the chapter, evaluate the stress efforts of students. Prepare a report of your results.

“His choice of Nike, the ancient Greek goddess of victory, as a name for the company, now seems prophetic.”

Advertising, Sales Promotion and Public Relations Can Nike achieve even better results? It started in 1962 with a university trainer (Bill Bowerman) and one of his former athletes (Phil Knight), who tried to create a better performance shoe. His choice of Nike, the ancient Greek goddess of victory as a name for the company, now seems prophetic. In the next 40 years, Nike has become one of the most well-known global brands, with annual sales of more than 12 billion dollars. The success of Nike have contributed many factors. At first, the company benefited from the growing concern of US consumers for their physical well-being. In the internal, the company has a history of strong investments in research and development, and manufactures numerous innovative products.